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About Us

Help Africa consists of one person, me. I decided to create it because things go on around the world that people are oblivious to. I find this wrong, because humans are people too, we feel pain, happiness etc. However, some people don't have privelages as other do. My job as a human being is to aide those who need aide. To shelter the shelterless. To bring hope to the hopeless. And bring life back to the lost. This is my what I feel is my civic duty on this planet, and hopefully, you can help support our cause.

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By clicking the link shown, you are going to be helping a greater cause. On the site, I list details stating I will take 0% of the money made. I do this because it is not right, saying one thing, doing another, then indulging yourself in the riches when that money could have been used for a greater cause. Thank you.

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